Introducing the Issue
by Sara McLanahan, Elisabeth Donahue, and Ron Haskins

Marriage as a Public Issue
by Steven L. Nock

American Marriage in the Early Twenty-First Century
by Andrew J. Cherlin

For Love and Money? The Impact of Family Structure on Family Income
by Adam Thomas and Isabel Sawhill

The Impact of Family Formation Change on the Cognitive, Social, and Emotional Well-Being of the Next Generation
by Paul R. Amato

Gay Marriage, Same-Sex Parenting, and America's Children
by William Meezan and Jonathan Rauch

Why Don't They Just Get Married? Barriers to Marriage Among the Disadvantaged
by Kathryn Edin and Joanna M. Reed

Healthy Marriage Programs: Learning What Works
by M. Robin Dion

The Hefty Penalty on Marriage Facing Many Households with Children
by Adam Carasso and C. Eugene Steuerle

The Future of Children
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